Vote Tom Sherman

Vote Tom Sherman, state Senate District 24

To the Editor:

Last Thursday night, Oct. 13, the Hampton Democrat Committee and the Hampton Republican Committee, jointly sponsored candidate debates. Taking part were the candidates for Executive Council, state Senate, and state representatives. Most striking was the differences between the two state Senate candidates, Democrat Dr. Tom Sherman and Republican Mr. Dan Innis.

Dan Innis came across as a polished, strict, business professional. He has held ownership in the hospitality industry and is Dean of the business school at the University of New Hampshire. In an attempt to attract new business to the state, Dan Innis will again reduce the business profit tax. Although he stated that he will also improve education and the infrastructure, necessary commitments to bring in new business. If he cuts revenue and increases spending in these two areas, what people programs is he going to cut? Mr. Innis does not have any public service experience.

The major issues facing New Hampshire are the opioid crisis, Medicaid expansion, the cancer cluster from the Coakley landfill, rising health care and health insurance costs, mental health care and costs, and the support for the developmentally disabled.

Dr. Sherman is a highly qualified health care professional with over 20 years of experience. He has been instrumental in the efforts to resolve all of these issues during his two terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives. He has always put people and policy before politics.

We do not need another inflexible, strict business man, with no legislative experience, in the state Senate. We need a people person with the experience to resolve our health care issues and with the legislative experience needed to get the bills approved and the funding to actually make things happen.

Please vote for Tom Sherman on Nov. 8.

Dick Desrosiers



Source: Seacoast Online

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