Tom Understands the Public Policy of Health Care

Tom Sherman, a physician, clearly understands the public policy aspect of health care. This is probably the single most significant issue facing the next Legislative session both in terms of its fiscal impact but, more importantly, as it affects the health of our citizens of all income levels. Tom recognizes that we have an obligation to provide access to high-quality health care to residents of all ages, and that this is a joint responsibility of local, state and federal governments and the health care community. He understands the systems that make this access happen and would be a valuable legislative resource for those departments that administer health care in our state. Tom is also an advocate for quality public education for all our children regardless of the tax base of the communities in which they live. He believes in restoring support to our higher education system of community colleges and universities. Tom Sherman knows that a healthy, well-educated work force is the single most determinant factor that will attract new businesses, large and small, to New Hampshire.

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