Sherman is most qualified candidate for District 24’s seat

Sherman is most qualified candidate for District 24 seat

To the Editor:

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with Dr. Tom Sherman personally, current candidate for the N.H. Senate.

I am an Independent voter and I was impressed with Dr. Sherman’s views on what is needed currently to serve in our Senate.

He is knowledgeable, intelligent and sworn to what his constituents want and willing to negotiate across the Senate aisle if it is of value to his constituents, regardless of their individual party membership!

Additionally, it is some time since we had a practicing MD serving in our Senate. With our current opioid epidemic he would be of great professional value to our Senate.

He is my type of representative. I intend to vote for Dr. Sherman and urge you to join me in selecting the most qualified candidate for the job.

Jerry Dignam

Source: Seacoast Online


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