NH Senate candidate Sherman will address opioid epidemic

To the editor:

I live in Hampton, and I am writing in support of Dr. Tom Sherman to be my New Hampshire state senator.

It is no longer possible to dismiss the opioid and heroin crisis as a problem that exists someplace else. New Hampshire is fully awash in it. This horrifying fact was made clear to me as a participant in the 2013 Granite State Wheelmen Century Ride when two fellow cyclists were struck and killed a few hundred yards in front of me by a driver operating under the influence of drugs.

As with any political season, many issues are being discussed and debated. However, no issue is more pressing than preserving the health and welfare of our families, friends and community members. Opioid abuse is not simply a political issue, it is a public health crisis that affects all of us.

I support Dr. Sherman as the only candidate with the experience and drive to marshal the resources necessary to tackle this epidemic head on and preserve the communities we all cherish. With Tom’s help as a state representative, Concord has taken some steps in the right direction this past year. We need his unique approach, perspective and qualifications to further this difficult work.

Matthew H. Jacobs



Source: Eagle Tribune 

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