Dr. Tom Sherman is uniquely qualified

Dr. Tom Sherman is uniquely qualified

To the Editor:

Among the many issues currently facing Seacoast residents, most would agree two of the most important are the health and safety of our residents and the fiscal health of the state. This is why I’m supporting Dr. Tom Sherman for state Senate from the Seacoast, for he is uniquely qualified to tackle the problems in these areas. Not only is he a practicing gastroenterologist in Exeter, with a bird’s eye view of our current medical delivery system, he also has served two terms as a state representative in Concord, so he knows exactly how things get done-and don’t get done- on a local and state level. While serving in Concord, his accomplishments have included sitting on the joint task force on the state opioid epidemic and sponsoring legislation aimed at combating this major problem. Additionally, he’s played a major role in investigating the Seacoast Cancer Cluster, a significant concern for many area residents.

But Dr. Sherman’s knowledge and interests don’t end there. He is also committed to fiscally responsible government, knowing anything less is unsustainable. It is frequently noted that Dr. Sherman is very adept at working with individuals and groups from both sides of the aisle. This is imperative if we expect to solve any of the problems now facing us, and one more reason why it is so important for Seacoast residents-Democrats and Republicans alike- to get out and support Dr. Tom Sherman for N.H. state Senate on election day.

Mary A. McCarthy


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