Dr. Sherman is the Prescription We Need

June 15 — To the Editor:

There is a reason that soon you can expect to see signs along Seacoast roads that say, “Independents for Dr. Sherman” and “Republicans for Dr. Sherman.”

We are all fortunate that Democratic Rep. Tom Sherman is running to replace retiring Sen. Nancy Stiles in the state senate for District 24. He is the prescription to reduce gridlock in government.

Dr. Sherman has a talent for understanding the myriad of layers of a piece of legislation and looking for unintended consequences. Increasingly, more and more Statehouse legislative activity has a health care component, and so we need someone from the medical field to offer perspectives that colleagues versed only in business and law cannot.

Most important, Representative Sherman is known for collaborating successfully with lawmakers across the aisle. He and Senator Stiles worked closely on higher education budgets and to ensure that New Hampshire offers access to affordable health care to hardworking families.

Looking for thoughtful, moderate, and pragmatic leadership in Concord? Look no further.

Patty & Glenn McKenzie


Source: SeaCoastOnline

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