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Dr. Sherman recalls that his lifelong commitment to service was spawned early. Starting in 1968, his mother Jean designed and directed a program through their church called Person-Person, providing outreach to those in need in the local community. Tom helped his parents at swimming programs and delivering holiday food and presents to families in neighboring towns, leaving an indelible impression that one person can make a positive difference in the lives of others

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“I will place my constituents and the interest of the Granite State first, bringing to the Senate results-driven leadership that focuses
 on strategic solving for New Hampshire’s most critical and complex issues”


(603) 568-5677


296 Harbor Road, Rye, NH 03870

6 days ago
Thanks so much for a great event with the @NHYoungDems It was lots of fun to compete with @JonMorganNH and get the chance to chat with young folks about the issues they care about! Jon may have won tonight, but I look forward to a rematch with him and his boring shirt #NHPolitics TomShermanNH photo
7 days ago
Join @ChrisPappasNH, @jckweatherspoon, @JonMorganNH, and me for a Voting Rights Town Hall for a conversation on voting rights and how to #votefromhome during #COVID! We go live at 11 so be sure to join us by heading to!

TomShermanNH photo
1 week ago
It is the wrong time to be diverting taxpayer dollars to private schools. Our public schools were already in need of more assistance before COVID and now have so many additional needs as they continue to plan on how to safely reopen. #NHPolitics
1 week ago
As a gastroenterologist I know my...well, you get the point. @JonMorganNH you don’t stand a chance in this #TriviaShowdown. Come watch me show him how it’s done this Wednesday at 5:30. Sign-up below ⬇️⬇️

2 weeks ago
Thanks to all of the stakeholders for moving forward on this vital initiative! #nhpolitics
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